The Japanese Language Proficiency Test in Leiden

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The Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Registrations for the 2024 JLPT Leiden are closed. Registrations opened on 6 March, and we reached the maximum number of participants on 7 March in the afternoon.

Leiden does not organize the JLPT in December, so participants for the JLPT can participate again in 2025 July. Registration for this will open in March 2025.


The test will be held on 7 July.

Practical information
  • Please do not wear any clothing that features Japanese or Chinese writing. Please take the same into account for any stationary you intend to use.
  • Please use a pencil no harder than HB (preferably B or 2B). Harder pencils may cause legibility problems in the marking of your test.
  • Use of mechanical pencils is discouraged.


How the test is structured

Examinees can choose from a total of five levels, ranging from N1 (most difficult) to N5 (easiest). The test consists of various sections such as grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension. Sample questions are available here:
N1, N2, N3, N4, N5

Q & A

Q: For whom is the test intended?
A: Anyone who is a non-native speaker of Japanese can take the JLPT. In addition, native speakers of Japanese can take the test if they have either received primary or secondary education outside Japan, or if they require a JLPT certificate for Japan's national exams.Participants do not have to be affiliated with Leiden University in order to take the test.

Q: How are the different levels of the test structured?
A: For each level, the test has a slightly different structure. Below is a brief overview of the test contents and times.

Level Test sections Test time
N1 Vocabulary, grammar & reading 110 minutes


55 minutes
N2 Vocabulary, grammar & reading 105 minutes


50 minutes
N3 Vocabulary 30 minutes
Grammar & reading 70 minutes


40 minutes
N4 Vocabulary 25 minutes
Grammar & reading 55 minutes


35 minutes
N5 Vocabulary 20 minutes
Grammar & reading 40 minutes
Listening 30 minutes

Q: Can I take the test for more than one level simultaneously?
A: No. Examinees can only take one level at a time.

Q: Is there any study material available?
A: Please refer to the JLPTs book information website for a list of study materials for all levels. For Leiden University students are encouraged to take a look in the Asian Library collection.

Q: The test fee is higher than previous years. Why is that?
A: Indeed, the test fee used to be €100 but has been increased to €120. This is due to inflation, as well as the JLPT being reclassified as an 'external' activity of the University of Leiden, meaning associated costs are no longer tax exempt.

Q: Is the test fee refundable?
A: Return of payment is only possible in highly exceptional cases. See the Test Guide (below) for details.

Are there any special testing facilities available, such as test sheets with a bigger font size, or time extension?
Yes, but you will need to provide a attending physician statement in English or Japanese. The deadline for requesting special testing facilities is identical to the regular application deadline.

Any questions?

Please refer to the Test Guide for more information. Any questions can be forwarded to

Anyone who require special facilities is requested to contact the administration using the above e-mail address. We will also send everyone a reminder about this.